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Everything about the Telegram robot

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 Telegram robot : After the spread of the use of robots became more lucrative and useful. Telegram robot has many uses, depending on your needs. Some of their applications are as follows:

Communication with web services: A Telegram robot can shorten and optimize your activities, for example, you can receive a new comment or contact form directly on Telegram whenever a new comment or contact form is posted on the site. Or transfer your latest emails to your Telegram account.

Making simple mind games: How you communicate with the Telegram robot through the API makes it possible to quickly analyze users’ responses and send them the appropriate results. This feature allows you to design and implement a variety of games.

Application tools: Telegram robot can have any application, you are the one who designs its performance. Receiving exchange rates, meteorological information, daily news and entertainment are each successful

What is the mechanism of robots

Telegram bots are user accounts that do not need a phone number to function. These bots are code that is executed on the server through an interface or user interface. The operation of these robots is completely hidden from the user, and Telegram manages it on its encrypted MTProto protocol.

The Telegram proxy server controls all encrypted communications through an HTTPS-based interface, which is the Bot API. To understand this mechanism, a little technical information and partial information on how to manage communications in Telegram and its innovative protocol are necessary; But in a nutshell and without any technical aspect, we can say that Telegram bots are codes that operate through a secure protocol connected to an intermediary server.

Robots have limited memory in the cloud; This means that old messages are removed from the main server after they are fully processed. Another thing about bots is that when you add them to a group, they do not receive all the group messages unless they violate the Privacy Mode rules.


Everything about the Telegram robot

What are the purposes for which robots are made?

Following the market, the robot design business has also started, in which the prices vary depending on the capabilities of the robot, for example; In the order list, the robot menu with automatic sending of text, photos and videos, robots with or manual sending of text, photos and videos, robots with the ability to recognize words and with a price of tens of thousands of Tomans can also provide a robot or with a little curiosity a robot Construction.


With the increasing popularity of robots, one of the questions that arises about them is the motivation of creating robots, what are the benefits of these robots for manufacturers or do they generate financial income for their developers in principle?

In answer to this question, it should be said that robots in Telegram are basically free. But the importance of building and using telegram robots becomes clear when it can be used as a source of income.

One of the direct results of these robots can be the sale of goods or services. In this way, the robot specifically informs about the sale of goods and provides information about the purchase of goods to its customer. Also, bots advertise in their information for the source of their sites and so-called clickers raise their site with tools such as Telegram robot

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 during the services it provides to the user, the robot collects a bank of users that it has already chatted with and addresses them in the next steps in sending advertisements. The purpose of building a telegram robot is often to advertise in different groups and find followers for advertising and sales marketing purposes. Like a simple birthday gift that is introduced in the form of a friendly message to users.

Types of Telegram robots:

1-Shop robot
2-Entertainment, music, education and information robots in Telegram
3-Easy channel and group management robots
4-Robots for photos, links and pdf
5-Vot and Like Robots
6-Robots that make bots without coding

Shop robot :

If you want to have a strong presence in the field of internet businesses, without a doubt, the design team of Telistamarketing store robot will be one of the ways in front of you. In order to organize and manage Telegram, we have come up with ideas for this popular network and have taken a big step in this direction by designing various types of Telegram bots. You can submit your ideas to our experts and receive your desired robot in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to accelerate your success.

Store robots have multiplied the sales of products in your field of activity and have considerable facilities that are required for store sites. All you have to do is leave your store to experts in this field.

Among the features of Telegram bots are the following:

Connect to web systems
Management reports
Admin panels with different access levels for users
Powerful database
Ability to display announcements and news of the organization
Create new buttons for the robot
Php programming language (powerful framework

Everything about the Telegram robot

Leave the order of making Telegram robot to us, designing advanced and professional robots with reasonable tariffs and cheap and completely exclusive costs for all kinds of businesses, programming all kinds of store robots, ordering, advertising and…

Telegram is a great messenger for customer-oriented robots that has more than 500 million monthly active users in Iran.
Bots are a special type of user account and allow users to communicate with it by sending commands.

Telegram robots can be considered as the most important feature of Telegram, which can be built professionally and normally. The most important feature of Bot Telegram can be considered as easy access, without the need to install, run on any operating system, receive user messages and send smart responses, automatic seller and without the need for human intervention.

What is needed to design a robot?
You need programming knowledge to design a robot and build a shop robot or dedicated and professional robots. Programming is a relatively difficult task and not everyone can do it, but you can order with the help of Telista Marketing team with the best quality and cheap price.
To register an order and get more information, send a message to the following idea

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