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Buy Fake Telegram Member

Buy Fake Telegram Member

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Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

What is a Fake Telegram Member?

Fake Telegram Subscribers are not just for businesses. Individuals are using them for different purposes.

One of the most common reasons is to get attention from other users on Telegram. Another reason is to get more followers on Telegram.

In this post, we’re going to share our tips on how to buy Telegram subscribers.


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Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers


Buy Telegram Fake member for Telegram channel

As you know, there are many managers who are looking for a Telegram member for their Telegram channels through which to earn a very good income from their channel.

The social media marketing industry has seen an explosion of companies offering services to buy real Telegram subscribers.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your social media following, it’s worth considering buying fake Telegram subscribers.


Buy Fake Telegram Member Services
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Buying Telegram subscribers is a great way to make it seem like you are more popular than you actually are.

Therefore, different people from different classes are looking to create channels

and increase members so that they can generate income by receiving advertising orders.

Therefore, they do everything to increase the members of their channel quickly.

For example, they pay a lot of money for their channel to buy fake Telegram members.  


fake member

How to Buy Fake Telegram Members and Why You’ll Need Them?

Those who are looking for a fake Telegram member will buy this member for 5 reasons: 1- To be seen in search of Telegram 2. Increase the number of channel and group members 3- They want their Telegram channel or group to be valid 4. Those who are looking for stable members without shedding 5. People who want to show their members a lot to get ads


Is it better to buy a offline Telegram member or to buy a real Telegram member?

It does not matter if all the members of your group are real people. Instead, most telegram channels have fake members who do not view posts and do not actually provide any views for you. Fake members can be a quick boost and instant boost to boost your business credibility and stay there forever without falling.

Although fake members may not be as useful as real members, in some cases they may actually be what your channel needs. The main role of fake members is to strengthen the number of members in the Telegram channel and increase its number.

This can be especially useful for new channels that do not have a large number of members, as people usually do not lose interest in subscribing to the channel and opt out. Get targeted members here  


buy telegram member


Benefits of offline members :

✔In a very short time

✔Stability is long, up to 150k days

✔Members are adding legally and safely

✔Fast speed of about 150k per day

✔Low cost rate and high quality


Why should we buy a offline member?

At the beginning of creating a channel, the number of members is low and when a real member enters the channel, he does not trust the channel due to the low number of members, especially when the channel is a store.

As a result, we recommend that you purchase at least 20 fake members before doing anything so that the real member can trust the channel when it enters. On the other hand, this type of membership helps the stability of your channel and real members trust you and your store or products better and easier.


Buy fake telegram member

What is the advantage of offline member from Telista Marketing?

Given the fake members, you may be wondering how adding them helps you. You have no members in your channel when you create your channel. Telegram allows you to add 200 people, but that is not enough for you.

When people enter your channel, they check the number of your followers and trust you based on it. So the most important advantage of buying a Telegram Fick member is increasing the membership for you.


Is it possible to buy a offline member without losing it?

Members added to your channel in this way have an account and username, but no one is active behind these accounts. When there is no real person for accounts, there is naturally no downfall.

But sometimes some panels delete virtual accounts and cause a small drop, which we at Telista Marketing have solved this problem. First, we add more members to the customer and we have a special panel as a member without loss that the customer in If needed, he can send a message to …..

for more information and we will tell him the situation. One of the most important advantages of this method is that it does not have a drop. But do not overuse them and you should use other methods.


How to identify channels that have fake members?

It is sometimes difficult to identify channels that have fake members.

Because according to the above, the channel you want to visit its posts may also be fake.

In this case, it is difficult to know how many members of the desired channel are fake.

But normally, if, for example, a channel has 10,000 members,

it is natural that it should have at least a few thousand views by post.

Otherwise, it is likely that the percentage of channel members in question is fake.

Of course, it is clear that this is not easy to diagnose!


What is the cheapest offline Telegram Member?

The cheapest Fake Telegram Member are Telegram members who are not real. This means that people have created a series of virtual accounts using a series of virtual numbers, thereby increasing your channel membership.

This may not seem like a good idea at first. You may think that these members should not enter your channel. But you are wrong. The cheapest Fick Telegram member is a kind of guarantee of your success.

These members will never leave your channel because they are not real; So this is a good opportunity to start a telegram business. Channel members are not able to see other members, so it is very unlikely that they will notice that your channel members are fake.

The only problem is the traffic statistics of your posts, which also has its solution;

So keep in mind that when people first enter your channel, they need to be attracted to the channel by seeing the top members of your channel, be encouraged to do so, and build trust.

fake telegram member

Buy fake telegram channel members

Do you want to buy fake Telegram members for your channel? The best place to buy Telegram channel subscribers and buy Telegram channel members with the cheapest price and highest quality

First of all, if you do not have enough information about fake Telegram subscribers, please read the description below.

This description will help you choose the right package for our Telegram services.

It will also increase your knowledge of Telegram.

So you will get acquainted with Telegram members and how to buy Telegram followers.

Telegram is one of the best social media services.

It is also a good place to improve jobs and sales.

If you want to improve your business and increase your channel members safely, you need to buy fake Telegram channel members.

These types of members are fake, as well as people who are called

Fake telegraph members are now very popular because of this low drop rate (about 15%)


Do you want real members? Click here »Buy real Telegram members


How to Buy a fake Telegram Member?


How to Buy a Telegram Member?

The speed is great and special and we can add about 150k  members daily.

We can also add up to 1 million offline members to your Telegram channels.

Fake Telegraph subscribers will not increase visits to their post.

But you can buy Telegram channels visit service to easily increase your post views from here.

Telegram offline members are created by virtual numbers and this is very safe for your channels and has been tested many times during 3 years.

We even added at least 100,000 members to the channels and did not report any problems with any of our customers leaving the channels.

If you want to buy Telegram channel subscribers, we need your channel username

So you can see how to find the link of your Telegram channel here.

Early detects fake users and removes them. Note that this method is completely different from the method of real members.

It is currently the best and most complete way to increase fake channel members and other methods have been identified and canceled by Telegram.

Customers who buy fake members can get up to 20% discount on fake Telegram view. To receive a discount, send a message to our Telegram support after purchasing fake member

A fake member has a lower leaving rate and is a good way for you, a real member needs to be repurchased to make up for the loss of channel members

The drop in membership offers its customers what distinguishes us from our competitors

fake member no drop

How can I get free Telegram members?

Many people who use Telegram can know how to have more in Telegram in their chat. By displaying the invitation link on your website or using the following methods, you can get one of its members in Telegram:

– I can search for people who use Telegram and invite them to your chat by sending the invitation link.

– You can add people to your chat using your phone contacts.

– You can add people to your chat by scanning a QR code.

– You can add people to your chat by sending a direct message.

You can also get a free gift by buying a member from our site. The amount of free membership depends on the amount of your purchase. But one of the advantages of Telistamarketing site compared to other sites is low price.💲✔

High speed in sending orders and having a free member💪🚀 Free membership depends on the volume of your orders and the more orders you have, the more free members you will receive In other words, you will make a profit by buying from our site, because our price is low and you will receive a gift as a member.

Buy Telegram member

Buy telegram Subscribers


What is the cheapest fake member?💲💰

The cheapest fake members are telegram members who are not real.

This means that people have created unrealistic accounts using a series of virtual numbers, thereby increasing your channel membership.

This may not seem like a good idea at first. You may think that these members should not enter your channel. But you are wrong. The cheapest Fick Telegram member is a kind of guarantee of your success. These members will never leave your channel because they are not real;

So this is a good opportunity to start a telegram business. Channel members are not able to see other members so it is very unlikely that they will notice that your channel members are fake. The only problem is the statistics of visits to your posts, which also has its solution;

So keep in mind that when people first enter your channel, they need to be attracted to the channel by seeing the top members of your channel, to be somehow encouraged to do so, and to build trust …


fake member non drop


Why buy a cheap Telegram fake member has so many fans؟

Each channel in Telegram, after being created by the creator, needs a member and the channel admin can add only 200 members from his two-way contacts to his channel from the very beginning, after creating the channel. It is not possible to add more than 200 members, and Telegram no longer allows you to add more people through the contacts available to the admin.

So channel managers should look for other ways to increase their channel telegram members. There are several ways to increase Telegram channel membership. These include advertising on other channels, the use of bots and membership programs, compulsory memberships, the use of advertising on informal messengers, and fake members.


Important points about buying the cheapest fake member :

Try to create an attractive channel, this includes all the features of the channel such as name, profile photo, post photo, etc. You should try to design all these items completely attractive and related to the topic of your channel

Use all methods of increasing Telegram membership in accordance with the conditions and type of cartoon business in Telegram. These methods include sharing links with other channels, advertising in supergroups, buying Instagram followers of other social networks and web space, etc. You can continue to publish posts and do this at a specific time. Publish your channel posts when your audience visits the posts a lot.

By producing quality content and marketing content, keep your channel members and members involved and thus minimize the loss of members. Remember to buy only the cheapest member or buy a real member, You can not keep your audience and users in your channel without a program. The main issue to increase your membership and reduce the loss of your members is the content and quality of your channel. So be sure to follow the essential points we mentioned above.

buy telegram member non drop

Why is a fake Telegram member important?

Newly created channels are often advised to look for the cheapest way to increase membership, which is to buy Telegram member for their own channel. Attracting a fake member for your Telegram channel will make your channel look attractive at first and give the channel some initial credibility. It has happened to all of us that when we enter a channel and see that the number of members of that channel is small, we leave that channel.


But why do we do this?

The reason we leave that channel or group is that if the number of members of a channel is low, it shows that this channel is not attractive and no one follows it or its products and content are not useful and valid. Although the owner of the channel may provide quality services, content or products. In general, the number of members that gives credit to a channel, and the more members of that channel, the more the message to new users who join this channel is induced that this channel is a good and reputable channel.

So buying the cheapest Fick member to get the channel up and running can be very rewarding and great. There is another benefit to buying a fake member, and that is that it helps to attract real members to your channel. It can be said that one of the most important advantages of Telegram membership is that it can be used to attract and buy it very quickly. Also, by paying the lowest cost, the highest number of Telegram messenger channel members can be ordered for their channel.


fake member few drop

Additional information


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