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This method has advantages and disadvantages, which we will mention in the following
The most important of these is the large drop and the most important advantage is its cheapness and high absorption, which is very good for filling the canal quickly.

Buy Real Telegram Members in telistamarketing is completely real and will add members by force add method. This method is completely different from fake members or pop up members and we highly recommend this method for developing your own business in Telegram and you will get the credit for your Telegram channels or groups.

When you purchase group members, your group’s will be crowded and you have to control them, and if you have good service for them, it can be a good help to your Telegram group. You can order the desired amount of members. In this way, due to the forced entry of users into your group, drops are more than other methods and they can have left to 20-35% over time.

This membership method is more suitable for large channels and is used to compensate for the loss of members and help maintain the credibility of the channel. Also, if someone wants to increase their membership quickly, this method is also recommended.

Join 1,000,000 people in no time. Up to one million people will enter your channel without notice. They become permanent and members who are not interested leave.

Important points about real Telegram members
This method is better for entertainment and fan channels and not suitable for store channels, as it is not possible to buy these members, but if you want to fill the capacity, you can order for each channel.

There is a lot of loss in this method, because the members become unaware and the views of the posts are less than the optional method, and the durability of the members depends on the channel. Your order will be registered on the same day after registration.

The minimum order is 1k and the maximum depends on our capacity, which is increasing day by day.

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Real Telegram Members

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How to buy telegram real members?

It is easy to buy a real Telegram member in Telista marketing, we do the principled method of increasing members for customers, we have put the best and most secure services on the site to make it easy for people from all over the world to use our Telegram services.

What are the payment methods for buying a member?

We make all payment methods available as much as possible. You can now use the opposite methods from the secure payment gateway: PayPal, Skrill, Crypto, Perfect Money, WebMoney, paytm, Stripe.

How long does it take to be added to the telegram?

All orders start immediately after registration on the Telistamarketing website. Quality and quantity are both the quality that we offer to our customers and we have gained a credible position in the brand.

Is a real Telegram member a good option for business promotion and customer growth?

Yes, since Telegram is one of the best social networks right now, we recommend that you plan to increase the actual membership of your Telegram channel or group to increase your business and introduce your group or channel to others. Choose this plan to increase the view for you

What is the method of adding a real member to the forced addition method?

Addiction is a kind of real addition to the Telegram channel
This is done through some informal telegrams
In this way, without you realizing it,
You subscribe to telegram channels and in some cases, they can even
Mute the notification so that you do not notice in any way.

How to add a member by force?

Due to the increasing development of the telegram and the widespread use of it in the world, many unofficial telegrams have entered the field of competition

These informal telegrams (of which 5 of the best are listed in the article comparing the original version of Telegram with the unofficial ones) add many capabilities to the original telegram.

But some programmers have also added the option of mandatory editing to their Telegram program so that they can subscribe you to the channels they want.

If you want to subscribe to Telegram channels without wanting to:
Change the informal telegram you are using and install another telegram (we suggest Telegraph, Mobogram and Plus Messenger)

What is the suggested method for Telegram advertisements?

The best methods are advertising in telegram channels in a relevant and targeted way and then increasing the number of members in different ways, which is fully explained in the products section.

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