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One of the problems with most channels is the very low number of views and views of the channel members; We have solved this problem by providing various services

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If the number of views is high and the proportion of views is proportional to the number of members, the channel will be popular and popular. This will have a psychological effect on the user and will increase the trust, popularity of the channel and also increase the conversion rate of the visitor to the buyer of the product or the follower of the channel.

Advertising and attracting the audience is difficult without the right view and number of members and is not very effective. Imagine entering a store channel through ads and seeing that the views are all below 100, this will definitely affect you and your audience. Now suppose the views of the same channel are above 1000, no doubt this issue will convey the feeling of popularity and popularity of the channel to the users and will also increase their trust.
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Usually the second thing that the user pays attention to after the number of members is the amount of view posts
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Buy Telegram Post View