15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

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15 ways to increase members in Telegram: We recommend that you follow these tips to increase your Telegram channel membership, as this can grow your business. If you are using Telegram and have not launched a channel, it is best to create a channel and then follow these tips. The ability to create channels was introduced in 2016 and now there is a lot of competition in this regard. It always takes time to increase channel members, but if you do not know how to promote your Telegram channel, it will be difficult for you.

In 2018, you will see thousands of channels on the Internet. Today, everyone goes to the telegram to advertise their business. This way you can access your members via smartphone. Even large companies use telegrams to increase investment and it is very efficient for them. Join us to increase the number of Telegram group members without the need for extra effort.

What can you do with Telegram members?

If you own a business or a marketer, you know that customer equals money. If you have more loyal customers then you will have more money. By increasing the number of Telegram channel members, you can:

  • Increase your followers.
  • Increase your company’s sales.
  • Advertise your products.
  • Increase site or blog traffic
  • Earn money by advertising other channels and much more.

These are just a few reasons why Telegram has so many members, but there are countless other benefits to it.

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How to increase Telegram channel members

People in Telegram are looking for software to increase channel membership. Do not worry, we will cover this issue at the end of this article. Here you are going to share the secret of increasing members in the Telegram channel with you.

1. Choose a short brand name for your brand

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

A name is like a book cover. If you have a Telegram account that you want to launch a new channel, always try to choose a short name for it so that it is not easily forgotten. Try to use 2 to 3 words that have a maximum of 12 letters. This is just an assumption but remember that short names are better for branding.

Do not copy the names of other popular channels. This will not bring you more members. Always try to open your mind and think of something different and more creative. So take your time and choose a unique name.

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2. Match the username

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

If you want to create a public channel you have to give it a username. By entering the Telegram username, you can easily search your channel by entering the Telegram username. So try to choose a username that matches your channel name.

If these two items, namely username and channel name, are incompatible, it will confuse users. It is not possible to find a channel by typing the channel name, so the user has to enter a username to reach your channel.

If you do not receive a username with your channel name, first search for a short username that is compatible with your brand, and then change the channel name to match your username.

3. Put the correct description and images for the channel

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

Proper description is essential for your channel. The user reads the description when they first visit your channel. If they find the channel useful by reading the description, they will join it. So to attract more members, always put the right information in your channel description.

You should also include an attractive image on your channel. Remember that telegram channels display images in a circle. So try to create a unique circular image.

4. Choose the right topic

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

If you want to increase the number of followers on your Telegram channel, you need the right topic to get started. You need to do a little research before creating your channel. Choose several large channels and see what they send. View their posts every day. This will help you create the first post.

For example, if you are interested in everyday life or humorous content, subscribe to a number of these channels that have more than 10K members. In the first days, try to have similar posts in your channel. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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5. Use images in posts

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have been doing this since the beginning of our Telegram channel. Because we have found that video posts perform better than sent texts. If you send an image or video with your text post, you will increase the chances of increasing your Telegram channel members.

Don’t forget to use tagged images in your pictures and videos. If someone shares marked posts, it will be easy for others to access your channel. A post with an image will be seen more than a post without an image.

6. Continuity is a key point

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

Persistence is the key to getting free Telegram members. First of all, choose a time period, during which you should publish daily posts. If you want to publish your posts daily, publish two posts a day. This will help you gain loyal members for your channel.

If you post useful content regularly, it will help you increase your Telegram channel membership. But you need a loyal member for this purpose. Always post to your daily readers, not your temporary members. Because they will not leave your channel for any reason.

7. Clean your channel before advertising

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

15 ways to increase members in Telegram

After completing the steps mentioned on the wing, you need to advertise to get more members. But before that you have to clean your channel. This means that if you have a channel, delete any posts that are not relevant or interesting to your topic. After the upgrade, if a new user comes to your channel and sees unrelated posts, they may not be interested in subscribing to your channel. But if all your pins are unique and useful, you will surely get a number of loyal members.

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8. Advertise on social media

How to advertise the Telegram channel for free? The answer is social media. Many people around the world use social media for learning and entertainment purposes. You should search for related groups on Facebook and Google for your channel. There you can share your tagged images. If you are a member of Facebook or other social media accounts with your followers, you can use them to promote your new Telegram channel. Post some useful posts from your channel and ask your members to join to use more posts like that.

9. Use Quora

Quora is a Wikipedia query that helps us increase your channel membership dramatically. Many people ask Quora questions about the telegram. You can use this platform to increase the number of Telegram channel members quickly. If you know the answers to the questions related to Telegram, give your answer and leave your channel link after sending. This will attract readers to your channel. You may not believe it, but by joining Quora you can get thousands of members for your Telegram channel in a few days. You can also use other Q&A sites to promote your channel.

10. Advertise on your website or blog

If you have a website or blog running and you get visitors every day then this is a good place to start your free ads. If you want to subscribe to your Telegram this way, create attractive images for your sidebar or header and put your channel link there.

If your image is attractive, your blog visitors will surely follow it. To make it more authentic, put your blog link in your channel description.

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11. Add your channel to me

Tchannels is the largest directory with thousands of channels in different categories. This is the easiest way to increase Telegram channel members. Here you have to add your channel and ask the channel members to rate your channel for five stars.

If you get more rankings, your channel will be visible on the first page. If your channel is shown on the first page, you can automatically get members. In a few days you can ask your channel members to give you 5 stars. Remember that if you get a lower ranking, your channel will disappear from the first page.


This is not an easy way to add more members to your channel, but it is the fastest way to boost your channel. First of all, you need to find a channel that has the same theme as your channel. You can also go with other topics, but it may not work well for you.

When you find a channel, you have to find the admin of that channel and ask him to do a cross promotion. Before contacting the admin, do not forget to check the comments of that channel. If the post traffic of that channel is not much lower than your channel, advertise there. Create fair conditions and exchange channel links between two channels. Do not forget to remove the ads after the ads.

13. Paid ads for a rapid increase in membership

If you have 1K members on your channel and contact a 5K member post admin, they may not approve of your ads. In this case, you can use paid ads. Ask an ad manager for paid advertising and ask them to keep your ad at the top. If you pay for advertising, you can easily get their approval for advertising.

14.  increase channel members

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15. Do not submit copyrighted material

Telegram is an open platform for sharing everything. But copyrighted items can ruin your channel. Telegram will ban your channel forever if you intend to share it with others.

We do not deny that if you want to increase your Telegram channel members, using other people’s videos and software is the best way to grow. But doing so may delete your Telegram channel, and all your members’ efforts will be in vain.

If you know of any other way than the one mentioned above, write to us in the comments.

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