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Buy the ready Telegram channel with special offers:
Design Telegram logo and marketing services for the prosperity of your business
Using this plan, you can have a ready and cheap Telegram channel by providing our special services that we offer to you in a completely economical way in your Telegram business environment.
Telista Marketing allows users to use our free service for their ready channel, such as the Raikan logo for ready channel. It was cheap and fast. This method attracted a lot of customers
The price of this special plan is only half a dollar for each ka (per 1k = 0.5$)

Buy the most visited Telegram channel from 50k-800k, immediate delivery and delivery of the manufacturer number (creator) of online ownership. Telistamarketing is undoubtedly the cheapest store to buy the Telegram channel. To be sure, be sure to compare prices with other sites before buying and do not miss the following

This method is the safest and best way to have a quality Telegram channel or group. In this method, your channel or group will not be deleted according to Telegram restrictions. If you do not want, your money will be refunded in full.

Starting a telegram by wasting a channel or a small group of people is a waste of time and money because gathering a member in a channel or group is very costly and time consuming and takes more effort than you think.
The shortcut is that you can buy a channel or group ready for your topic with the number of members you need.
As soon as you buy a channel or telegram group traded in the channel, you will be the manager and you will be recognized as the original owner and the former manager will commit to leave the channel or fire the manager from the channel.

How does this service work?

In this method, you select the number of members of the ready channel and we transfer the ownership of the channel to you in full. This method is not completely safe and non-refundable
This means that if the ownership of the channel is transferred to you, the transferor cannot take it back.
For example: If you want a channel with 100,000 members, we will create it with our account and after the members are finished, we will transfer the channel management to you.

What kind of members are there in these channels or groups?

In this method, the channels have mixed members. Depends on the type of customer order

Why should I buy a ready-made channel?

This way you will not have to wait to receive members and you will become a member faster.

Choose your plan

50,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 39
  • Top Service
  • Real and Member
  • Delivery time 2h
  • bonus members
  • 10-15 % drop

100,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 70
  • Top Service
  • Real Member
  • Delivery time 4h
  • 10-15 % drop
  • 10-15 % drop

150,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 105
  • Top Service
  • Mixed Member
  • Delivery time 24h

200,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 140
  • Top Service
  • Mixed Member
  • Delivery time 36h

250,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 175
  • Top Service
  • Mixed Member
  • Delivery time 48h

300,000 Prepared Telegram Channel

$ 210
  • Top Service
  • Mixed Member
  • Delivery time 72h