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10 FREE TOOLS FOR USE FOR INSTAGRAM GROWTH : With over 1 billion users per month and more than 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily, using Instagram is a necessity for businesses. Now that social distance is still a necessity and people stay home longer than ever, the time for all of us to be online is increasing. In such a situation, Instagram provides a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience. Now the question is, are you still skeptical about using Instagram for your business?

Whether Instagram users are watching videos of the steps of making a very popular coffee, or looking to learn a simple skill to use in daily work, or from this platform just to time between meals Your business has a great opportunity to reach these users on Instagram; A real opportunity to grow. However, this growth does not happen that way. Here are 7 growth strategies on Instagram that you can start working on right now

1- Post frequently and continuously

Without constant posting, your audience’s expectations and interests will diminish. If you post every day for a while but then don’t post for a month, your followers will either get confused or forget about you altogether. In fact, they may not follow you when you finally decide to resend the post. In fact, with a regular schedule, you can maximize audience engagement without having to spend too much time trying to get yourself in trouble. It should be noted that any Instagram strategy should clearly specify the number of posts in a given time (for example, one month) and thus, help you move in the right direction.

2. Use a planning tooL

As we said, posting on a regular schedule is very important for growth. But talking about such issues is easier said than done. For this reason, for significant growth on Instagram, planning and using planning tools is the best way forward. Scheduling Instagram posts not only saves you time, but also reduces your stress and the possibility of making mistakes.

Fortunately, Instagram has made it easy for all of you social media marketers. As you know, at the moment, Instagram and Facebook are very compatible in terms of their features and characteristics due to their joint management. With this in mind, it is now possible to plan for Instagram in the Facebook Ads Manager section. There are also several other posting tools available, many of which come with other useful features to grow on Instagram. If you want to keep followers interacting with your page by regularly planning on social media, especially Instagram, check out a variety of planning tools.

3- Try Instagram Live

Did you know that 82% of people prefer to watch a live video to a post on social media?

Fortunately, Live Instagram makes this possible for you, and there are many reasons why you should give it a try. For example, Live Instagram gives you the best position in your followers’ feed story. This means that if you go live, in the row of showing the story to the followers, your live will be shown to the user except for the first cases. Live Instagram also automatically sends push notifications to your followers to let them know you are going live.
Finally, the Instagram algorithm seems to be more interested in business accounts that use live. This is clear from Instagram’s approach to these pages: making it easier to access the profiles of these pages in different ways and strengthening the possibility of organic interaction with them.

4- Partner with other brands

What better way to accelerate your Instagram growth than by partnering with a brand that already has a lot of followers? This method, which has not been added to Instagram for a long time, is a kind of one-arrow and two-mark marketing method; Because with it, not only will you expose your content to your current audience, but you will also reach new audiences through a mutually beneficial collaboration. To have a successful partnership that grows your business, make sure the companies you want to partner with are well-aligned with your business goals. The gender of their audience must be relevant to your audience. It is also important to present a specific plan when proposing participation. How will this partnership benefit your proposed partner? What will this joint Instagram marketing campaign look like?

Consider the following example from Outdoor Voices, an active women’s clothing brand and dance class company, Melody Dance Fit. This partnership is perfect because the goods and services go well together here: sportswear and sports classes. During the collaboration, the two companies created a campaign called “Virtual Recess” in which participants in a dance class (Melody Dance Fit) on Instagram wear Outdoor Voice costumes. This is called genius!

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5- Holding competitions

An Instagram contest is another way to expose your page to grow your account. Why? First, people love free stuff! Give everything for free and as a reward, people will most likely welcome it. In fact, competing and rewarding on Instagram will get you what you want, which is to increase your followers and increase the engagement of your page rate. And there are several ways to achieve such goals. For example, you could ask people to:

Republish your photos
Leave a comment and tag their friends
Like your posts
Share your posts or stories
Another positive point is that these competitions or awards do not always require too much planning or complexity to run. The following is a great example of a recent competition run by a health blogger.

As you can see, the idea of his contest was very simple and entering his contest only required liking some of his posts and tagging a friend. Instead, he would draw people to draw two books from his collection. As mentioned, entering the contest not only increases the interaction of a post, but also makes his page more visible to potential followers, as users tag new people who may still be following him. Have not.



6. Publish stories regularly

Just like Instagram Live, you need to connect well with the story! Why? The first reason is that 500 million people see Instagram stories every day, and a third of the most visited stories are related to businesses. The popularity of stories continues to grow, and displaying your brand in the story offers another way for the audience to engage with your business. You can also advertise in their story through advertising pages and show your business to more audiences.

Another thing that is very interesting about stories is that they are very easy to use. Creating an Instagram story only requires a photo or video, and since it only lasts 24 hours, it is actually shared with little risk. Also, if you want to extend the life of older stories, you can save them and display them in related groups in highlight format on your page.

7- Have a coherent Instagram page

This is important for growth on Instagram: You need to make sure your page is fully relevant to your brand. What people like is a kind of cohesion and stability.

The first way to do this is to make sure that your photo and lighting background is consistent during the shooting or filming process. For example, if you are an active brand in the field of fashion and clothing, do not take photos with a different background for each of the posts you publish about your clothes. You may want to photograph your products in nature. It is important that in some photos the background is relatively fixed and only the angle and distance of the camera, how the model stands and… change. Remember that brighter backgrounds usually work better. Also, when shooting in non-natural spaces, if you use natural light, it is preferable to take your photos outdoors or near a window, but not in direct sunlight, as in this case the glare is very intense and may Has a negative effect on the quality of the photo you take.

See the following example from J.Crew. This page is well formed with a blue and white stripes and frequent beach and water backgrounds, a nautical theme.


8- Use the hashtag

Another quick, effective, and free way to grow your Instagram account is to strategically use hashtags. In fact, Instagram posts that use hashtags get a 12.6 percent increase in engagement compared to those that do not. “Hashtags not only help social media users organize and categorize content, they are also one of the driving forces behind some of today’s best viral marketing campaigns,” says Madi Osman on Sprout Social. “Campaigns help.”

Basically, hashtags are very effective because they help categorize similar content, and this makes your content more and more visible. This is probably why posts with hashtags have a much higher interaction rate than posts without hashtags. It can also help attract a new audience. A user who searches for a hashtag may also see your post, and as a result, if your content is useful, it will open your page and attract your page. If you are not sure how to use hashtags in the best way, see the following article on hashtags on Instagram to become a professional in this field.

9- Pay to enter the game

We all often look for growth opportunities that do not require us to open our wallets, right? In the case of Instagram, while you can definitely grow your account organically, investing even a small amount can bring you a huge potential ROI. How about Well, first of all, Instagram allows you to control your budget, target your ads to a very specific audience, and across a wide range of advertising formats (advertising stories, video ads, Photo ads, slideshow ads, etc.) Choose the format you need. Sponsoring just one post can expose your page significantly.

10. Do public works

Last but not least, a great way to grow on Instagram is to show the true face of your business, which cares about others, society and people, especially in the current context. If your company is able to help others, even a small amount, why not? This could be providing masks for medical staff, donating to food charities in your area or city, or providing meals for nurses on duty. There are many ways to give your religion to the community and if you do, why not share what you do with your audience? Not only does this show them the spirit of compassion in your business, but it can even inspire others to do the same.

Get started now and try these 10 tips for growing on Instagram – who knows how big your business can be!





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