Why does a marketer need Telegram and how to promote it correctly

Why does a marketer need Telegram and how to promote it correctly

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The Bot Store will soon appear in the Facebook messenger, as soon as the seven-year-old SMI arrives, neither much nor little, only a significant connection with the start of the App Store. At the same time, Telegram overcame 100 million MAUs and developed the idea of ​​passing audiences from social networks to messengers, proposing to create channels, group chats and develop boats.

The amount of canal grows relentlessly, as well as the average amount of subscripts, perevalivayasya for 10 tsych. The whole Telegram channel is being generated. Separate SMM services allow you to receive delayed posting on Telegram. The first visit will take place, and the Telegram users will be able to share as much as possible.

KUKU.io and «Netology» have taken responsibility for structuring information about bots, group chats and channels in Telegram, and on the basis of 5 expert opinions preparing the start-up guide after moving to Telegram.

Channel, group chat or bot?
Give an understanding of the ultimate whole Telegram presence. Depending on whether you are creating a community and communicating with an audience or moving content, you can select one of the following tools: group chat, channel or bot. What difference?

Group chat
Group chats are capable of revealing wide-ranging opportunities through marketers-evangelists. Namely, they allow you to create a brand new brand or ideas, involve even more existing audiences and potential users, and keep up to date with news and climate in your area.Buy Telegram Group


Why does a marketer need Telegram and how to promote it correctly

Good idea # 1. add keywords to both chat and channel titles.
Good idea # 2. Involve arriving participants from the first steps.

The most beautiful thing that Telegram gives is magic networking, which allows you to quickly establish contacts.

Unlike group chats, Telegram channels are the microblogging platform that Tumblr so wanted to create, as opposed to long blog posts and short tweets. Obviously, with the help of channels, brands and media can deliver content and engage the audience; for experts and opinion leaders, Telegram channels can be a tool for broadcasting knowledge in the form of an author’s mailing list, feedback and networking.

One of the main advantages of running a Telegram channel is the ability to notify users about new posts. Despite the fact that most Telegram users turn off channel notifications, they will almost certainly visit them anyway – but at a convenient time. Whether notifications are on or off, the number of unread messages will somehow be displayed in the chat list. It is this element that makes Telegram an attractive content distribution channel, because in this case the post coverage is 60-80% (a lot, compared to the average coverage of 7-10% on Facebook and 15% on VKontakte).

Why does a marketer need Telegram and how to promote it correctly

Interest Ask. If the number of views is 60-80% of the total number of subscribers, which is rather an indicator of the “live audience” in the channel, how to determine the effectiveness of content promotion and audience interest in it? Of course, it all depends on your ultimate goals.

When it comes to posting links to third-party content, interest and relevance can be measured by conversions by shortening links from bitly or goo.gl. If we are talking about your own blog, you can send data to Google Analytics using UTM tags.

We with “Netology” conducted a small study of conversion to conversions from views. Conversion to conversions from Telegram averaged 7% of the number of views, but varies greatly depending on the text of the post itself, on the preview of the link and the number of publications per day.

Telegram now has a large number of very interesting blogs, and, I would even say, an amazing amount of unique content for a tired user of social networks. It is interesting to subscribers, they go to Telegram not only for communication, but specifically to watch their favorite channels.

Undoubtedly, the most important element that will determine the fate of both the group chat and the channel is content. It makes no sense to move to channel promotion if the content does not meet the expectations of the audience.

Currently, a Facebook user actively interacts on average with only 2-3 pages and participates in discussions in 1-2 groups. And by staying subscribed to 20+ pages, it gets information only from those of interest largely thanks to Edge Rank. The rest of the social networks are catching up with Facebook, developing and implementing ranking algorithms. But users remain overwhelmed with non-unique content, without expert opinions and opinions, and that’s why Telegram channels are becoming a breath of fresh air.

Features of Telegram content: “perfect post”
The ideal post on Telegram is exactly the one that you yourself want to share, and the one for which readers come to your channel.

While it is hard to imagine posts without a picture on Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, in Telegram, the need for constant accompanying content with a “picture to attract attention” completely disappears. Why attract attention if the content is released once a day, and the user himself goes to the channel specifically to study this daily post?

The strategic component of Telegram channels seems incredibly exciting. Channels and content work precisely to gather your target audience around them.

Anton Protsenko:

Everyone is on Telegram now. That is, we have completely different channels, and due to the absence of an official catalog or a list of channels in Telegram itself, each segment of the audience thinks that its specific interest is satisfied, and everything else simply does not exist for it.

The types of content that work in Telegram depend entirely on your topic and audience. But not always.

Pavel Fedorov, editor of Netology:

I run three channels, two of them alone. And if in the personal “Pasha and his procrastination” I am neutral, then in the channel of the blog “Netology” I have a full blast. If a brand wants to sell something, then a neutral communication style in social networks is an excellent choice, take a look at the general channel “Netology” for example. We want to teach people, and then extremes, most likely, will not be beneficial. And that’s why we will not be naughty.

But when the fashion for channels went, I started a separate one for the Netology blog, where I single-handedly rule and define everything. I started it separately from our SMM department.

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