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Why do real members leave the Telegram channel?

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Why do users leave our media?

Channel content is not attractive to them, or at least not as valuable as it used to be
Users do not understand the content of the channel
The number of daily posts is beyond the user’s patience
The user has deleted their account
Fick members have dried in the canal or page

A simple test to find out why I left my media
Find out the reasons before you spend

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Gratitude is a good thing and a positive thing we do for those who have included love or kindness in us. But the interesting and, in most cases, hidden point is that sometimes others favor us with their seemingly negative deeds.

An interesting example of this can be found in users who leave our media. In this part of “Telistamarketing”, we ask for the importance of thanking our media leavers, we look for the reasons for abandoning our media, and we suggest solutions in this regard. Stay with us.

Every media – for example, Instagram page, Telegram channel, etc. – that provides content has a number of followers. Some of these followers decide to leave the media. Apart from the fact that we have to look for the reason for this action by the users, we have to thank those who have been our users so far as the owners of that media. Because by doing so, they are showing us that there is a serious problem in our media and that we have been unaware of it so far.

During the few years that I managed the Telegram Digital Channel, I saw a lot of people entering the channel and a lot of people leaving. Of course, for those who are out of the story, the number of channel members did not change and was even growing. Because either the number of people entering the channel was higher than the number of people leaving the channel, or the number of new people was equal to the number of people leaving the channel. In any case, I was always looking for the reason why the users left the channel. I came across this path for several important reasons. But what were those reasons? I will tell you

Why do members leave our channel or group?

Well, there are a few important reasons for this:

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