Telegram and its impact on Seo

Telegram and its impact on Seo

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Telegram and its impact on Seo : Telegram is one of the social networks whose messages cannot be read without a username and password. Most social networks we know do not have this problem. For example, Facebook allows all users to view other users’ content, and only activities such as posting content and commenting or liking require registration.

When you put a link in a social network, this link is recognized by search engine bots and is important in determining the credibility of your site. If a social network or site does not allow Google to access the information in its content, naturally Google can not recognize the site link within this content.

Is Telegram effective on SEO?

If you are looking for black hat SEO and you just want to rank your site by creating meaningless links anywhere, Telegram definitely has no effect on your SEO. The importance of Telegram in the world of content marketing is in Telegram. With the help of content marketing you can increase your site feedback and increase site traffic, it will definitely increase your site ranking as well.

How to do content marketing in Telegram

The best way to market content on Telegram is to use product introductions on related channels. For example, if your site offers plane tickets, you can advertise your tickets on channels related to hotels and tourist destinations. Choosing the right channel for advertising is very important. Advertising on channels that are not semantically related to your product or service may cause a negative impression among your audience. Example: Many companies place their telegram ads on Jack channels and football channels. It is true that these channels have a high number of visitors, but how many visitors to a joke channel can really attract ads selling your goods and services? Advertising for users who need your goods and services is less expensive and has higher feedback.
Another way is that you can increase your sales by building a Telegram channel and buying a real Telegram member or target member.

Direct sales of goods and services in Telegram

Some site owners use the Telegram channel to offer their goods and services directly. This method usually targets customers who are looking for a lower priced product. According to research on how customers shop on social media. We know that price is the first and most important factor in making purchases on social media. Therefore, site owners, by directly advertising and selling their goods and services on social networks, in fact insinuate that they are selling goods independently of a company or a site. Goods that are offered this way are often very low priced and of poor quality. Therefore, this method of selling goods and services on social networks is not suitable for branded goods.

Brand products usually advertise their site. However, if you own a reputable brand and you intend to use Telegram channels to promote your products, use the following two methods simultaneously.

Create a channel to supply and sell your brand products

Advertising on channels that have never advertised low-quality goods.
For example, if a telegram channel constantly advertises slimming and quitting addiction loans, you can not advertise a car brand in it.

Link value of telegram advertisements in search engines
As we mentioned, search engines are not able to see links and other content in Telegram, but links in Telegram help to improve our site ranking in two ways.

Increasing the real audience of the site: Advertising links in Telegram can easily attract interested users to your site.

Clicked links from Telegram are considered by search engines as links from the Telegram social network. Search engines are not able to find the group or people clicking on these links, but they can calculate the clicked links themselves.

Telegram does not accept linked text, but if you send the address of a site, it will convert the address into a link and allow you to click on it.

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