Buy Telegram group member

Buy Telegram Group Member

Buy Telegram Group Member

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Buy Telegram Group Member

If you have created a Telegram group for your online business, you know that your main assets are your group members. What is better than buying a group member for a group ?!

buy group members on the Telistamarketing site are completely real and have a chat and can put your business on the path to progress!
Enjoy a special gift by buying more than 5K !!

The prosperity of your business depends on the number of members of your group.
So without wasting time, register your order as soon as possible and record the number of your group members.

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What should we pay attention to before buying a Telegram group member?

Be sure to leave Add access in your group settings.

It is possible to add or leave people added to the group and it depends on the subject of the group.

Before buying a Telegram group member, make sure that your group has a suitable name and photo.

How to check the quality of a member when buying a Telegram group member?

Enter the phrase you want in the support field. Our colleagues will show you a list of groups that have repeated this phrase in the group name and description. Not all of these groups are necessarily the right group for you.

To check the quality of the group, click on the “Similar groups” button. If most of the new Telegram groups shown are related to your business, then the previous group is of high quality.

How can I add active users to my group when buying a Telegram member?

We will select the groups in your cart by default. We will add people who have been online in the last seven days to your group. Of course, this default value can be changed at your request.

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  4. eddison

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