How to activate group call in Telegram?

How to activate group call in Telegram?

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Group voice calling is a useful feature for fast syncing with a group of friends, family or co-workers. While WhatsApp has failed to bring this feature to Telegram users, Telegram has finally made the feature available to the public. So let’s look at how to make Telegram group voice calls on Android or iOS.

Telegram group voice call on Android
The latest version of Telegram for Android iOS has a group call feature

1. Download the Telegram version for Android.
Download the Telegram version for iOS.

2. Open / Create a group and tap the group header to expand. Here you will find a list of group members, notification settings, and more. Now tap on the three-dot vertical icon in the upper right corner and select “Start Voice Conversation”.

How to activate group call in Telegram?How to activate group call in Telegram?

4. A pop-up dialogue will appear that would ask you to confirm the selection. Please note that there is also a checkbox that lets just admins talk. This is to ensure that group members who are not admins will be on a listen-only mode. It is a pretty handy option that prevents chaos when you are making a voice call in a large group. Besides, the option to initiate calls is accessible to only those members who are admins.

5. After the call starts, the default is muted. Before you speak, don’t forget to tap the large mute button or hold down the microphone button to speak, just how to send voice notes.

How to activate group call in Telegram?

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How to make a Telegram Group Voice Call on iOS?
To do Telegram group voice calling on iOS. The rest of the steps would remain the same as above.

However, please note that there are limited slots for Telegram beta users on iOS and it is currently full. So there are chances that you might not be able to sign up for the same.

Is Telegram Group Voice Calling better than WhatsApp?
While testing the Telegram group voice call feature, I found it to be good enough in comparison with other messaging apps like WhatsApp. There was no lag in the test calls I made. However, I will have to admit that the process to start a group call on Telegram is a bit cumbersome currently.

I hope that Telegram improves the feature a bit before its way to the stable version, or add the call button right on the group chat screen just like WhatsApp for better accessibility.

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