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How do you target someone on Telegram?

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In this article, I want to talk about how to find target people in Telegram groups

Telegram groups can be used for business

Discussion group for channels or support group for your customers
Most of the time, people who join groups are used Members who are interested in the group topic join public groups and can interact with group members before joining groups.

You just have to watch out for members spamming the group because public groups allow anyone to join the group and find the group first.

How to find groups in Telegram?

The search in the Telegram application is such that if you want to find a group in Telegram, you must use the right keywords to discover and join the group related to your keyword.

You can use Telegram’s search field to search for your phrases

search in telegram

This result can be a search for a phrase or keyword in the global search results

Groups bots and users.

You easily group

Distinguish from channel Channels show the number of subscribers while groups

Show the number of members

Channels also allow you to click on the Join Channel button

While groups allow you

Click the button that says Review Group Membership.

Chat To see if members are sharing relevant content, click Join to join the conversation next

Find groups through Telegram channels Telegram channels have discussion chats

which are attached to the channel, after reviewing a channel, you can click on the three dots at the top. Part of the channel If you can see the View Discussion option that channel has an attached chat, you can view that group chat and

If you want to interact with other members, join the group. These groups are created as a discussion group for this channel.

Local Groups You can find groups in your area, you can only use this option using your Telegram mobile app on your mobile app.

d groups near your location as you tap on the three lines and on

Tap the People Nearby option, now location services for

Enable nearby people, below you can find nearby groups,

targeted telegram

The name of the group, the distance from you and the number of group members in the next step of the invitation link to join a group

If you receive a group invitation link, you will be directed to a group where you can join that Telegram group.

For public groups If you know a link for a public group, it looks like t.m.e crossed out, you can use that to search for that group in the next search field


They show a list of Telegram channels and groups that you can join from websites like

Use best of

Groups of these websites you can check Most of them are grouped in each category,

You can check and see if these groups have members who could be your target market or you can join groups that could be useful for you.

It is important to know how to find groups on Telegram, this can help you

Get more target audience and promote your business in groups, also we are a
We have a marketing program that allows you to track your competitors’ ads.

Your audience can enter your group as targeted members, which means you can attract people to your group who are interested in your content and follow you. Having these members can be very useful for business.

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