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8 Ways To Enhance Buy Targeted Telegram Member

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There are several ways to increase channel members, some of which can be used easily and free of charge by means of the tricks that we say here, but some of them can be done by paying a fee (such as buying ads from popular channels). However, we cover all Targeted Telegram Member

Add contacts to increase channel members

When you just create a channel, you can add up to 200 of your audience in the channel, please note that you can use this method when your channel has 0 members. If you have reached +201 members in other ways, you can no longer use this method.

Personalize your channel posts

The most important thing to do is to personalize your channel posts. By doing this, you can increase your channel members to a great extent. Be sure that if your posts are unique and interesting, your users will send them to other people or share them in other groups.

For this, be sure to use the logo or tag of your channel on your images or short videos. You can do this easily with pic art application. Also, under each post, put your channel address either as a public link or as @ChanelName. Prepared Telegram Channel

Join groups and supergroups in the same field

Try to find groups and supergroups that are in your field and work in them. If possible, share your selected posts in them once in a while. If the manager of the groups does not allow you to do this, try to establish a sincere relationship with them. For example, share some of their posts on your channel and in return ask them to allow you to be part of the group.

You can also participate in discussions in supergroups related to your field of work and answer other users’ questions. Try to show yourself as an expert and capable in your work. In the posts you make in the groups, try to introduce yourself and your channel imperceptibly. For example, if you answered a question, mention that you also have a channel in this field. Be sure that you can refer many people to your channel with this.

Exchange with other channels

When the number of your members reaches an acceptable number, you can exchange with other Telegram channels. For this, our suggestion is to increase your channel members to +2000 people with effort and sometimes spending money, then look for channels of the same level that have the same number of members and if they have a way of communication, communicate with them and request Exchange links.

It should be noted that doing this too much will cause the member to drop or mute and the view of your channel will drop.

For some, this problem may have arisen that they cannot add a limited number of their phone audience to the channel. Unfortunately, there is no direct solution for this problem, because the same user has set his Telegram privacy settings so that no one can access the channel or Invite a group.

Placing attractive content along with the link to join the channel

Your user is there for your content, so try to always spend a lot of time creating content and preparing it, because if your content is suitable, the user will forward it to their groups and friends, and this will attract users to you, but a There is another important point, always put the channel address at the end of your content.

If you don’t face the problem of character limit, try to put the link to join the channel, because by putting the join link, more people will be added to your channel, otherwise, be sure to put your channel address as username (@YourUserName). For beauty, you can also use popular and related emojis and emoticons next to your channel address

8 Ways To Enhance Buy Targeted Telegram Member

Buying a Telegram member through Telegram service provider sites

One of the best things that can be done is to buy Telegram members through sites that provide Telegram services such as increasing channel and group member guarantees and also increasing visits. In the following, we will introduce you to one of the sites that provide these services.

There are many ways to increase channel members, for example, one of the methods is called Ad Mandatory.

As we said, one of the most reliable sites in the field of providing Telegram members is the

Telista Marketing site, which you can find by searching on Google. Of course, in order to buy a real Telegram member, keep in mind that the member you are getting is fresh and get members from unofficial Telegrams that have recently signed up.

Finally, if I want to say briefly, owners of unofficial telegrams can force members to join a certain channel and in this way users will enter your channel without their own will. In this method, the drop is low and the visit is low, but the price is very reasonable.

Invite your website visitors to your Telegram channel

There are many ways to attract your website visitors to your Telegram channel. One of these ways is to invite the users of your site to an article that is only published on your Telegram channel. Everything that is not on your site is only on your Telegram channel and the user has to come to your Telegram channel to see that content. You can also invite your website users to join your Telegram channel through email.

For example, send them an email and mention in it that something will be published on our Telegram channel tonight at 10 o’clock or that our new product will be shown with a special discount for Telegram users so as not to miss it. This opportunity, join our Telegram channel right now.

In order to invite visitors who visit your site in passing to join your Telegram channel, you can consider special offers for them. For example, before a visitor leaves your site, you can make an offer in Give him a pop-up template.

You can also invite visitors and members of your site to your Telegram channel in all the posts of your site. For example, you can design a banner like the photo below and place it in the advertisement section below all the posts on your site.

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