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5 tricks to buy fake Telegram members

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As you know, the managers of Telegram channels that have many members earn a lot of money from their channels. That’s why many people are looking for channeling and increasing members so that they can earn money by receiving advertising orders.

Hence, they will do anything to increase their channel members quickly. For example, they pay a lot of money to buy fake Telegram members.

But is it possible to have a channel with good content and audience-friendly with this method?

In this article, I am going to talk about these people. People who think that they can earn good money by increasing their Telegram channel members at any price.


5 tricks to buy fake Telegram members


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The case started when Telegram again allowed registration with American virtual numbers. As long as it was not possible to register with virtual numbers, there was no news of fake Telegram members!

But for some time now, many people have taken advantage of this flow again and started creating virtual numbers and getting fake members.

You can easily use this method to get fake Telegram members. Those who are bored will do the work themselves, but those who don’t have enough time will pay for it.

In both cases, the process of receiving Telegram member fakes is done quickly. In the following, I will explain more about how to get member fake.


How do telegram channels get fake telegram members?

This can be done easily and without any cost, it just takes a little time in some cases. As I mentioned above, this can be done by using existing virtual numbers.

People who get member fakes for their channel act like this:

First, they install an Android emulator called NOX on their system. Then, they install one of the membership programs that are abundantly found in the Google store on their simulator.

After that, they use sites and applications that give virtual numbers to get a virtual number. And they give the received virtual number to one of the Telegram member programs to log in through that.

After entering these programs, they start to subscribe to the channels suggested by the desired program. After each membership, the desired program gives them points. After reaching the required amount of points, they can give their channel address to the program so that the program can get member fakes for their channel.

Is having a fake member beneficial?

Well, of course, it is of no use because its name is Rosh, an unreal member! These members are registered with virtual numbers and somehow do not exist externally. So, for this reason, when a post is posted on the said channel, no views of his posts are made!
So what’s the point of these fake members?

By having a member fake, you can appear in Telegram search, maybe it is unreal for you, but this is how it is, I will explain it to you further.
There are also some people who collect fake Telegram members to make their channel members look natural and receive Buy Telegram Post View on their channel posts. For example, if a channel has 10,000 members, it is natural that at least 2,000 views of its posts should be done.

So, for this reason, a channel that has completely unreal members has to make fake visits to its posts in order to make its members look natural.

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